Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the process of clarifying your organization's vision for the future and then creating a working document that maps out how to get there. This includes:

  • a clear and concise mission
  • visioning your future
  • governing values
  • realistic goals that are measurable
  • an action plan that keeps everyone accountable

Your plan should be used to guide your organization much like the North Star guided early sailors - it should be used daily to navigate through the many opportunities and challenges that arise.

It helps to have an objective third party like Dau Consulting to facilitate this process. They will:

  • survey employees or board members before the strategic planning
  • assist in market research to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your industry
  • facilitate the planning with efficiency and fun
  • produce an action plan with due dates and persons responsible for the completion of each task to achieve the goal.

A new service offered to help everyone see the plan is to hire a graphic scribe. Ask more about this service.

Whether you are a business or nonprofit, this is a service that will help your entity grow.

Contact Jeanne Dau at 217-549-2564 or email her at to get a quote and customize a plan of action.