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Grow your business through social media! 

Solutions Specifically Designed for Your Business

We know how online marketing can be overwhelming at times.  Social media is always changing, everything is going mobile, and trying to find the time to consistently post quality content can be a headache.  Dau Consulting wants to make life easier for you by freeing up your time to allow you to do what you do best, running your business.

We offer social media solutions, website design and management, and email marketing specifically designed for your business or nonprofit needs.


Social Media Management services we provide include:

  • meeting with you to discuss your business's social media goals and objectives
  • auditing your current social media status
  • creating and/or improving your social media profiles
  • developing your customized content strategy
  • tracking progress monthly using analytics and adjusting your strategy as needed

Website Services we provide include:

  • meeting with you to discuss your website goals and objectives
  • web hosting and design
  • mobile capability
  • search engine optimization
  • multimedia options
  • website analytics
  • monthly updates
  • domain name

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As always working with someone new trying to describe what you want and having high expectations at the same time is always scary. Let alone letting them have full access to your social media accounts is not on everybody's trust list. Of course at first you are always skeptical, but with Jade she took the bull by the horns and led the way. After the first couple meetings I knew I had the right person and was impressed with the ideas and the way she was handling everything. After all I have very high expectations of people and she was exceeding those. I would highly recommend  her for any marketing adventure you may have.   -Tim Paap, Owner of  Paap Auto Body
Jade Smith has been a social media/event planner consultant with Flesor's Candy Kitchen since August 2015.  Her duties have included keeping our customers up to date with our store and products, creating buzz feed, meeting with us once a month, creating calendars to keep upcoming events and special dates in order, keeping records of our social media interaction, connecting with our customers when we are unavailable, and coming up with new, fresh ideas to gain more customers.  We have found our experience working with Jade to be energizing, professional, and seamless.  She takes our ideas and not only implements them, but takes them to that next level of creativity.  As a result, our social media exposure has exploded, and our numbers are higher than ever.  We highly recommend Jade as a partner in any business needing social media development and implementation.  She manages to get her tasks done in a timely manner and is always readily available to change or add something new.  Jade is very knowledgeable with what attracts the customers' eyes and gets them interested.  She always has a contagious smile and a personality to mathch that.  She is always willing to work around our schedule and help us in any way she can.  Jade is a great asset to our team, and we think she would be on yours as well.   -Sarah McCrory Manger of Flesor's Candy Kitchen and Ann Beck, Owner of  Flesor's Candy Kitchen