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Grow your business through social media! 

Solutions Specifically Designed for Your Business

We know how online marketing can be overwhelming at times.  Social media is always changing, everything is going mobile, and trying to find the time to consistently post quality content can be a headache.  Dau Consulting wants to make life easier for you by freeing up your time to allow you to do what you do best, running your business.

We offer social media solutions, website design and management, and email marketing specifically designed for your business or nonprofit needs.


Social Media Management services we provide include:

  • meeting with you to discuss your business's social media goals and objectives

  • auditing your current social media status

  • creating and/or improving your social media profiles

  • developing your customized content strategy

  • tracking progress monthly using analytics and adjusting your strategy as needed

  • upgraded digital marketing services such as:

    • targeted display

    • Geofencing

    • Geotargeting

Targeted Email Solutions

  • Online Emails and Lists - access to 140 million email addresses

  • Online E-blast Set-up

  • Email Creation

  • Survey Creation and Distribution

Website Services we provide include:

  • web hosting and design

  • mobile capability

  • search engine optimization

  • multimedia options

  • website analytics

  • monthly updates

  • domain name

“Since starting geofencing ads 7 months ago, my website visits have increased and my sales have increased. With the help of my marketing rep, I get to pick the geographic areas (geofence) where my ads appears getting over 50,000 views a month. I'm also retargeting those consumers who have revisited my set geofence so my ad gets in front of them again. My marketing rep reports back to me on my ad's performance so we can examine and adjust to get even better results.” Tim Paap, Paap Automotive