Coaching and Business Development Services

1. One-on-one Business and Personal Coaching

Both Doctors Ann  is a Certified Professional Coaches (CPC)  and Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an internationally recognized coaching program.  

Ann Beck Ph.D.

Ann Beck

In addition to coaching, Ann has been a managerial consultant for over thirty years working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, and public and private universities. She is also the President of Flesor Family Confectionary, a small business nationally known for its great family history and sweet treats.

As a corporate and professional coach, Ann’s focus is on investing in your life with the expected return of measurable growth whether you are interested in personal or professional development. Here is what you can expect from partnering with Ann as your coach:

  • Utilization of a cutting-edge modality that helps you break through the barriers you may be experiencing that will result in real success
  • Assistance for you and/or your co-workers in thinking outside the box to make the workplace more manageable and effective
  • Identification of the positive levels of energy you can harness to demonstrably change your work environment for the better
  • Management of change and how you can thrive despite the chaos
  • Solutions to problems so they stay solved
  • Development and achievement of personal and professional goals

2. Business Development Services

Jeanne Dau, MBA, has coached hundreds of businesses through the process of starting, expanding and selling their businesses. She can assist with:

  1. industry research
  2. the bank application process
  3. writing marketing and business plans
  4. financial projections
  5. strategic planning and market planning
  6. sales and public relations

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